Yoko Ono once said, "I just love anybody that does anything in the art world and the artistic world. I want everyone in the field to know that we support them." At Bottom Line Productions, we feel the same way. The bottom line is…we strive to support the arts in all we do.

At the heart of great art is great energy, passion, and dedication. The same can be said of the backbone of an arts marketing company whose goal is to proudly showcase your talented artists, product, mission and/or brand, and communicate the heart of your message.

Many organizations generally have limited marketing resources, yet there is so much value in determining how to effectively build a loyal patron base and attract prospective season subscribers, casual ticket buyers, donors, volunteers, and participants. Going beyond simply satisfying your customers by creating a delightful and memorable experience is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy long-standing relationship with patrons and contributors, and Bottom Line Productions can help you accomplish this.

A team of marketing professionals, armed with unique and creative strategies to engage the demographic you are looking to reach, will surely remove the guesswork and uncertainty out of choosing the most effective approach to communicate your organization’s offerings to your desired target market.

Bottom Line Productions’ objective and strategic decision-making approach, along with customized customer-focused marketing campaigns, aims to communicate your message in the most financially efficient method possible. Through a variety of avenues - that can include print, electronic and outdoor media, combined with strategic community partnerships - the team at Bottom Line Productions will aim to increase awareness and reach, focus on developing accessibility to all, and build interest and excitement as a means of maximizing the value of each marketing dollar invested.

"Bottom Line Productions does their job extremely well publicizing and promoting their clients' work. They also go far above the call of duty providing a certain creativity that goes on to benefit the whole arts community by raising its profile in the culture of our community. As a client I am made to feel at ease and an integral part of what [Bottom Line] does. The Brian Webb Dance Company’s relationship with Bottom Line Productions has benefited us so much – increased ticket sales, increased community partnerships and sponsorships and most importantly, increased profile in the community at large. We are very thankful for the work that Bottom Line has done for us."

Brian Webb, Artistic Director, Brian Webb Dance Company

"It is one thing to promote a concert or show that has played in a community before, but it’s an entirely different matter to market a world-premiere production. Leading the publicity efforts behind the premiere of The Tehran Project as a part of EPCOR CENTRE’s BD&P World Music Series, Bottom Line Productions clearly exceeded expectations, creating a level of buzz usually reserved for long-touring Broadway musicals or mainstream commercial radio acts. Leaving no stone unturned, Bottom Line generated both local and national publicity for this eclectic concert event, not only contributing to a successful world premiere in EPCOR CENTRE’s Jack Singer Concert Hall, but also setting the stage for future cross-Canada performances by Amir Amiri and the Tehran Project."

EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts

"I have been so impressed with Bottom Line's performance with us. Marketing with an outside firm had not been tried before and so there were some apprehensions. It has been a great partnership and we have the coverage we needed because of their contacts, the creativity and bench strength of a larger number of staff and the knowledge base of people who do marketing for a living. Thanks so much."

Mary Phillips-Rickey, General Manager - Edmonton Opera Association