Winners of the 2005 City of Edmonton Mayor's Award
for the Promotion of the Arts

I completely trust Darka and her team to handle the marketing needs of Edmonton’s Fringe Festival and the year round activities in the TransAlta Arts Barns. Bottom Line is part of the "Fringe family" and as such is involved in our company at all levels, bringing a positive, knowledgeable, experienced voice to each discussion. Our current success is due, in large part, to BLP’s involvement in our company.

– Julian Mayne
Executive Director
Fringe Theatre Adventures

Relatively, this was the best money we spent. Bottom Line brought us a credibility that we otherwise would not have garnered. We tip our hat to you and thank you!

– Brenda O’Donnell
Executive Director
Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta

Bottom Line Productions is a company unequalled in Alberta for the delivery of public relations services to the performing arts. Bottom Line played a pivotal role in moving Festival Place from a successful suburban venue to arguably being the most successful small soft seater in Alberta.

– Gavin Farmer
General Manager
Festival Place

Bottom Line Productions are experts in their field. They are innovative, insightful, creative and passionate on one hand, yet remain well informed, strategic and pragmatic in their approach. The team at BLP consistently stay aligned keeping our goals at the forefront which is a balance not always as simple as it would seem. Our team at Broadway Across Canada is privileged to work with such a talented group of people. Thank you BLP, we love you.

– Shana Levin
General Manager
Broadway Across Canada

There is no substitution for working with a publicity team that understands the theatre market as well as Bottom Line Productions. I have total faith that our shows will be well-represented and supported, which allows my time to be focused on other marketing initiatives. The audience for Vertigo Mystery Theatre and Y Stage has expanded at an incredible rate and Bottom Line Productions is a big part of that growth.

– Keith Callbeck
Director of Marketing & Communications
Vertigo Theatre

There is a reason why Bottom Line Productions is Alberta's leading Publicity and Marketing firm. Their unflappable crack staff of highly trained professionals will stop at nothing to make sure your event is a success. Since becoming a client of theirs 4 years ago, our exposure within not only Alberta has increased ten-fold and our attendance numbers have increased astronomically. They are the best at what they do.

– Ryan Luhning
Artistic Director
Ground Zero Theatre

– Joel Cochrane
Artistic Producer
Hit & Myth Productions

International Dance Day is celebrated throughout the world every April 29th. It is a chance to both celebrate and expand awareness of dance in our community. For Blue Collar's 2008 celebrations at Devonian Gardens, The Fabulous Bottom Line Productions Team in Calgary got us more media coverage for our event then we’ve seen in the last three years...combined. The dancers had a great time, and getting recognition via media coverage was definitely icing on the cake!

– Tara Blue
Artistic Director
The Blue Collar Dance Company

Bottom Line Productions has performed a fantastic amount of work on our behalf. Your experience, knowledge, dedication, professionalism and personal involvement with Pro Coro Canada has certainly contributed to the high standing with which we are held in the community. I look forward to future collaborations, and expect that your expertise will prove to further enhance the image and reputation of the choir.

– David Garber
Pro Coro Canada

"I’m so glad I called Bottom Line Productions to manage media relations and generate publicity for CKUA’s 80th Anniversary. As a province wide, independent media organization, it can be challenging to garner support for our events from other media. Bottom Line delivered well beyond my expectations – securing hosting opportunities, coverage in a wide range of publications, several television appearances and even radio interviews (not something the competition usually does). The return on investment was incredible and our staff, management team and board of directors were thrilled with the both the quantity and quality of press we received. Thank you, Darka and team, for making me look like a star! "

- Katrina Regan-Ingram
Marketing and Communications
CKUA Radio Network

"I have nothing but good experiences when I work with the Bottom Line team. I always look forward to doing stories with Bottom Line Productions."

- Sarah Mundorf
Shaw TV

"It is one thing to promote a concert or show that has played in a community before, but it’s an entirely different matter to market a world-premiere production. Leading the publicity efforts behind the premiere of The Tehran Project as a part of EPCOR CENTRE’s BD&P World Music Series, Bottom Line Productions clearly exceeded expectations, creating a level of buzz usually reserved for long-touring Broadway musicals or mainstream commercial radio acts. Leaving no stone unturned, Bottom Line generated both local and national publicity for this eclectic concert event, not only contributing to a successful world premiere in EPCOR CENTRE’s Jack Singer Concert Hall, but also setting the stage for future cross-Canada performances by Amir Amiri and the Tehran Project."

- EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts

“Bottom Line Productions does their job extremely well publicizing and promoting their clients' work. They also go far above the call of duty providing a certain creativity that goes on to benefit the whole arts community by raising its profile in the culture of our community. As a client I am made to feel at ease and an integral part of what [Bottom Line] does. The Brian Webb Dance Company’s relationship with Bottom Line Productions has benefited us so much – increased ticket sales, increased community partnerships and sponsorships and most importantly, increased profile in the community at large. We are very thankful for the work that Bottom Line has done for us.”

- Brian Webb
Artistic Director
Brian Webb Dance Company

“I have been very happy with the work Bottom Line has done for Catalyst. From the beginning they have been flexible and imaginative in dealing with the limited resources of a small arts organization. Their commitment to the arts in this community, and to providing the very best marketing and publicity services possible is remarkable. Their passionate support across all levels of arts organizations in this city is clear.”

- Jonathan Christenson
Artistic Director
Catalyst Theatre

“- it is not simply the quality of the product which, although excellent, makes Bottom Line’s work stand out. It is their commitment to the entire project and to the UCAMA Board of Directors. They are always prepared to discuss their marketing plans with the Board and respond to suggestions in an entirely positive and professional manner. Their presentations are always enthusiastic and productive.”

- Khrystyna Kohut
Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta (UCAMA)

“Bottom Line Productions is one of the most energetic companies we have worked with on the (Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic) tour. It has been a pleasure working with you! You have reached a great result… thanks again for all your assistance!"

- Candice Ward

“Over the years, Bottom Line has gone above and beyond the call of duty by donating countless hours of publicity and promotion strategy toward helping Alberta Ballet achieve a professional image. Their ideas and energy have helped promote our performances, fundraising events, and philanthropic endeavours. They take each challenge we send their way and accept it with enthusiasm. They orchestrate our promotional campaigns year after year, ensuring the many pieces and players of each project are in place, and ensuring our activities remain within budget. Bottom Line is an invaluable member of the Alberta Ballet family.”

- Alberta Ballet

"Working with Bottom Line Productions has been a gift . Coming to a new city with only 9 months lead time for a major new theatre festival was an enormous challenge. Bottom Line met that challenge and exceeded it. In all areas of operation, from planning through execution they proved themselves thorough, dedicated, creative and absolutely essential partners in the success of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival."

- Mary Vingoe
Magnetic North Festival

"I have been so impressed with Bottom Line's performance with us. Marketing with an outside firm had not been tried before and so there were some apprehensions. It has been a great partnership and we have the coverage we needed because of their contacts, the creativity and bench strength of a larger number of staff and the knowledge base of people who do marketing for a living. Thanks so much."

- Mary Phillips-Rickey
Former General Manager
Edmonton Opera Association

"Bottom Line Productions is synonymous with success in Canada. We've enjoyed our working relationship with Bottom Line on JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, GREASE and JEKYLL & HYDE. You are a company that over delivers. The bottom line - no one equals Bottom Line Productions!"

- Anita Dloniak and Associates

"Bottom Line Productions is a highly professional organization that really knows how to "get the message out." The staff at Bottom Line is knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. When Greenwood Singers embarked on our first co-production with the Mill Creek Colliery Band at the Francis Winspear Centre for Music in December, 2002, we hoped that we hadn't been too ambitious in choosing to present our concert in such a large venue. Thanks to Bottom Line, the concert hall was full. That says it all!"

- Robert de Frece
Musical Director
Greenwood Singers

"Two months into our mentorship with Bottom Line Productions it is meeting all of our expectations. The staff are generous, accessible and sensitive to the specific challenges and issues of our organization. They are very focused on helping us to define, articulate and communicate our own vision of how we want the company to be perceived. They address our situation in a very realistic way, taking into account available resources and tailoring suggestions to our specific situation. In our case, the approach covers the full spectrum of marketing and publicity from big picture branding and identity issues right through to coaching on pre-show talks. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Bottomline and our organization is very excited about what this mentorship can do for us."

- Eva Cairns
Former General Manager
Shadow Theatre

"I work with Bottom Line Productions on a wide variety of projects, and I find the services they offer consistently excellent. The firm has important links to a broad cross-section of media, they understand story pitches and follow-through, and they are unfailingly professional, friendly, and fun to work with. Most importantly, they can get the media coverage needed for successful arts event promotion. I'm delighted to recommend Bottom Line!"

- Pamela Anthony
Director, Producer, Reporter

"I am proud to have been -- in a somewhat peripheral, yet always keenly interested, way -- to be an observer of this local phenomenon. Bottom Line continues to raise the bar in level of quality and call to service, and in devotion to community excellence. Sometimes this confounds the rest of us, who have to aspire to that level within the same community of the arts, but ultimately, we all know it's good for us."

- Roman Brytan
Station Manager
World FM

"It is a dramatic understatement to say that you folks really beat the bushes...three cheers to this, and all your efforts, which makes the efforts of 80% of all other presenters seem absurdly lackluster. Keep up the good work...we have a long way to go, but we can make FEVER a success with these sort of efforts!"

- Kevin Gerstein
Director of Publicity and Marketing
Saturday Night Fever Touring Company

"Our productions of LES MISERABLES, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and MISS SAIGON sell out in Edmonton and Calgary due to the creative talents and dedication of the Bottom Line team. They're the best!"

- Bill Miller
North American Press Representative

"When there is a real buzz about an upcoming show in Edmonton, it usually means Bottom Line is behind it; the creative promotional "extras" are always significant! Whether it is booking ad space or delivering a great publicity angle, the staff is professional, accurate, timely and a real pleasure to work with. Throughout the many years that I have worked with Darka, Alexandra and their outstanding staff, I continue to applaud the breadth and the quality of their work. From high profile producers to community driven events, they apply unparalleled enthusiasm and integrity to their work. Bravo!"

- Denise Assaly
Nightlife Promotions Ltd.

"Corus Calgary Radio...Country 105, Q107.3 and CHQR AM770 have enjoyed strong promotional partnerships through Bottom Line Productions. Darka and her team are more than just show promoters. They work with us to develop "exclusive-access", "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunities...the kind of Promotions every radio station aspires to own. We've grown to trust that whenever Bottom Line is involved in a project we can be assured of follow through, fulfilment, and quality."

Corus Calgary Radio

"Bottom Line is that rarest of media-relations companies, a PRO-ACTIVE rather than RE-ACTIVE company. Bottom Line is always notifying me of interesting upcoming events, suggesting useful story angles, or, as I write a column, contest ideas. The company is a joy to deal with, as it is always thinking of my needs as well as its clients.

- Graham Hicks
Former Hicks on Six Columnist
Edmonton Sun

"Bottom Line is always a pleasure to deal with. They're organized, professional and above everything else ... fun!"

- Graham Neil
CTV Television

"It was my great pleasure to work with Bottom Line (on our recent fundraiser). They went above and beyond the call so many times I can't thank her enough."

- Kathleen Seed
Director of Fund Development
Society for the Retired and Semi-retired

"The Edmonton International Film Festival Society had an enormous task in mounting the 2002 festival. The board and staff were mostly new to the process of putting together an event of the magnitude of the Edmonton film festival, and circumstances allowed us very little time to renew the spirit of this annual event. Having said this, the 2002 film festival was an unqualified success, in great part due to the terrific media coverage we received. Bottom Line's contribution was integral to our building healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with the local media in this city!"

- Anthony King
Senior Programmer
Edmonton International Film Festival Society 2002

"As a Producer and Arts Manager, I have used the services of Bottom Line on many projects. I go back to them time and time again for their professionalism, reliability, thoroughness, diligence, and smart ideas. Besides, they are great folks to work with!"

- Josh Keller
Global Arts Inc.

"Thank you for all your work on my lecture... for your efficiency and consideration. It was a pleasure working with you."

- Margaret Atwood

"You have been a big part of the success of the Philia Dialogues. In addition to your competence and the commitment you brought to the whole process, the spirit of teamwork you bring to your professional engagements rubbed off on everyone. Thanks again for your participation!"

- Denis Bell
Philia Dialogues for Caring Citizenship
(PLAN Edmonton)