Established in 1993, Bottom Line Productions Inc. is an Edmonton and Calgary-based management and marketing firm which specializes in communications, strategic marketing, event planning, development and media relations. Our mission is to provide top quality services to arts, entertainment and non-profit industry clients in Alberta and beyond through an ongoing involvement in the community; a strong relationship with local and regional media; a network of quality service providers; and a reputation for excellence and success.

A wide range of services are available through Bottom Line Productions including:

  • event planning
  • target analysis
  • development of promotional strategies
  • development of detailed marketing plans and
    time lines
  • development of advertising schedules and purchase of related media space
  • investigation of new and unique forms
  • of advertising
  • attainment of local media sponsors
  • attainment of related in-kind donations
  • maintenance of ongoing media relations/publicity
  • organization of media tours
  • consultaion regarding design of promotional materials
  • arrangement of related promotional contests
  • arrangement of related retail promotions
  • arrangement of direct mail campaigns
  • writing and distribution of media releases and public service announcements
  • box office arrangements
  • promotion and arrangement of discount group ticket sales
  • monitoring of ticket sales
  • budget planning
  • timely project updating and analysis
  • compilation of promotional print and electronic media advertising and publicity for the archival purposes of the artists
  • final report compilation including campaign analysis

Bottom Line Productions and its staff also provide Marketing / Media Relations
Workshops upon request